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Phillip had a lifetime career as a freelance camera-man, working on any kind of project from weddings and child photography, to natural disaster footage in the most remote parts of the world. He has an eye for beauty, and one thing that particularly captured his attention was the animal kingdom.

When on a job filming the monsoons of Africa, or the fishermen of Wales, Phillip's eyes were often met by the glorious natural beauty of God's greatest creatures. Big or small, ferocious or cuddly, he saw the magnificence of their place is their natural surroundings.

One day Phillip decided to turn down his upcoming projects, and take to the winds to follow his passion. He set himself a challenge to capture not only the beauty of each creature, but their purpose in their habitats, and he did just that. He travelled the world in search of the world's most beautiful creatures.

After scaling the serengeti, trekking the jungle, and foraging the farm, Phillip has decided to show his artwork to the world for your appreciation. He has over 100 fine pieces of art and will not stop there. He hasn't captured a fraction of the animal kingdom, and plans to spend the foreseeable future working towards his goal of a photo album full of creatures from A-Z.


If there is something in particular you are looking for, an animal or theme you are already on the hunt of, then feel free to browse through the portfolio. There are a range of categories of animals, moods and locations to suit you and your home.

Taylor made to you

Each piece of art is available in a range of sizes, with a variety of frames and canvas types.

Commissioned pieces

If there is a piece of art that you have been searching for, and just cannot find, Philip is always willing to do commissioned work. Check the Phillip's trail section of this website to find out where he is heading to next, and if you would like him to capture some beauty for you than please do contact us for further information.

If you, like many, like to see a piece of art in the flesh in order to get a real feel for it's effect, than please come on down to our gallery. The address is below, and you can find a map attached to the link under the address.

If the store is a little too far from you, then fear not. Phillip announced last month in his monthly newsletterthat he will be touring a varied collection of his beautiful art pieces around the UK over the next two months. The dates and locations of this one off, exclusive tour are as follows:

  • London - November 4th-10th
  • Southampton - November 11th-17th
  • Bristol - November 18th- 24th
  • Manchester - November 25th-December 1st
  • Glasgow - December 2nd-8th

The locations of these tours are available here.

Thank you for visiting Phillip's Animal Art, and please, enjoy!

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TestimonialsJonathan Reeves
Animal House Cafe

My Animal House Cafe needed a bit of artwork to really make it come to life. The pieces that I chose from the website were beautiful, but it wasn't until I got them out of the box that I truly saw their beauty. The site doesn't do them justice, if you think they are wonderful now, wait till they are up on your wall!

TestimonialsMary Caines
Cabbage Patch Nursery

We wanted some jungle and farm animal pictures for our childrens nursery to bring some excitment to the kiddies days. We decided to go with Phillip's Animal Art. The walls now look fantastic, the children absolutely love the animals and the parents are thrilled with the culture we are bringing to the tiny tots!

A wide range of mood enticing art